HR in a Hybrid Workplace

HR in a Hybrid Workplace

Reimagining your workplace benefits in a virtual workplace

In recent years, the working world has seen irrevocable change, for obvious reasons. While employees might relish the flexibility of remote working, it throws up challenges for HR leaders and business owners who want to keep hold of their workforce.

The rise of hybrid working has meant HR leaders have had to change tack to keep hold of their best talent. Many have found that sticking to the same pre-pandemic workplace culture and talent reward strategy doesn’t work when implementing something as fluid and flexible as a hybrid workplace model.

Our latest guide explores how to re-evaluate your workplace rewards in an increasingly virtual workplace – highlighting the following key topics:

  • The future of HR
  • The challenges of overseeing remote employees
  • Reimagining culture in a virtual workplace
  • How Strait Logics could help you revise your benefits strategy

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