Cut through the noise to communicate your staff benefits programme

Online Solutions

A one-stop hub for HR benefits

Better employee experiences are built through communication, a strong employee engagement strategy, and ideally, an accessible, comprehensive total rewards and flexible benefits platform. Our Rewards Portal™ and bespoke solutions offer smart, simple, and cost-effective ways for employees to stay informed and access their rewards anytime, anywhere. We help you embrace the future with better employee engagement using a customised benefits programme and administration platform.

Document Store

Easier access to employee documents

Streamline your HR administrative tasks and save valuable time and resources using our intuitive employee benefits software with a built-in document store. This feature allows you to upload payslips, employment contracts, and other personal documents to the Rewards Portal™, providing your employees with direct, online access to their key information, all in one place.

Printed Statements

Give an on-paper view of your employee value

Our Total Reward Statements and Pension Statements not only showcase workplace value to every employee, all in one place, but they also embody your corporate brand, identity, and values. With years of expertise in building benefits management tools and a diverse client portfolio, we excel in programming unique statements that meet various requirements and complexities. Let us manage the entire process or collaborate with your preferred designers or printers for tailor-made statements that you and your people will love.

Custom Letters

Keep your staff in the loop

Deliver personalised letters to your employees effortlessly. Say goodbye to complex mail merging and welcome timely, streamlined communications. With our mail or upload option, you can keep your staff well-informed and reduce the more frustrating, more manual elements of the communication process. Your employees will appreciate the attention to detail, and you’ll reap the rewards in terms of your employee engagement.

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