Employee Communications

Employee Communications

The written word means a lot

Statements & Letters

Employee rewards and benefits... consolidate and engage

Personal communications, including Total Reward Statements, Benefit Statements & Pension Statements, are an effective way of showing an employee's worth, and improving employee engagement, motivation and retention. Communicate with your people online, on-paper or via email; it's simple.

Unique Mailings

Want to use email to spread the word?

Strait Logics prides itself in getting involved in a variety of unique projects and an email campaign to promote fund raising for charity is a great example of what you can achieve with our cutting-edge solutions.

One-off comms

Thinking about a change?

We all know that executing a change requires buy-in, and buy-in requires communication. If you are thinking about organisation-wide changes which impact your people, getting the message across timely and professionally is paramount. Talk to us about a fully managed communication service.

What we can do

Branding & Design

Use colours, images and logos to reinforce your corporate identity, and tables, charts and graphs for simple, easy to understand information. Our design services will help you create the right impact.

Print Management

Our print management service takes care of print and fulfilment needs, from paper/envelopes to postage/courier delivery, you can rely on a smooth and stress free project experience.

Data Validation

We know data is usually the main cause of frustration. Our services will help you correct and clean your data so that you can be sure that your employees receive accurate and up to date information.

Want to find out more?

Let us answer any questions you may have about Strait Logics.