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Rewards Portal

An out of the box approach to employee engagement and communication

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Total Reward

Keeping it simple

Bringing together an employees rewards and benefits in one place is an effective way of consolidating and accentuating the positive. We believe in keeping the visuals simple and clutter free, and allowing employees to drill down on the areas of interest to them. Don't overcrowd and confuse, serve the information on a silver platter.

Flexible Benefits

Just like an online shopping experience

We all order online, the process of adding to a basket is familiar to most. With our flexible benefits module, picking and choosing benefits is easy and much the same. View the spend and selections as you go and make informed choices and adjustments to suit your lifestyle and needs. Let's go shopping!

Calendar Management

Stay in the loop, avoid double booking

Maintaining an up to date employee calendar is part and parcel when it comes to engagement and communication; your people need to be kept in the loop and be aware of important dates. Our complete calendar workflow allows teams and managers to stay informed and available when it matters.

Document Store

A central hub for important documents

Store, manage and share documents quickly, safely and securely. Control who sees what, maintain version control and never lose a document again. Your employees will appreciate information being at their fingertips, whether it be their contract/staff handbook, payslips, company policies or a training video, it can all be found in one place. No more hunting around!


Rewards Portal leverages security features offered by AWS and undergoes rigorous and regular penetration testing and service monitoring to ensure the platform is secure and available.

Content Management

Control and flexibility is now in the hands of HR teams where changes can be made easily and quickly, without needing technical support or bespoke programming.


Produce provider reports and custom spreadsheets for your HR needs, and present management information/analytics to stakeholders, effortlessly.

Smart Implementations

Benefits can be quickly configured making it a breeze for even the most complex schemes; you can be ready to go in days, not months!

Single Sign On

Securely single-sign-on to your preferred benefit providers and discount shopping site. The process is straightforward and easy to implement.

Link Library

Manage important links on the site from one place and remove repetition of effort. It's a breeze to keep your links to websites in check.

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