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    The Choice

    Employees know what they need, so let them pick and choose

    Employees can select / remove benefits from their basket as they would on a shopping site, allowing them to carefully spend their flex allowance or salary sacrifice, and make the most of the schemes available.

    Open Anytime

    Open flexible benefit windows at anytime

    Open flex windows anytime and refresh allowances as needed, the system allows HR to target an individual, e.g. after a lifestyle change, or groups of employees, e.g. new joiners, or the whole Company, e.g. introduction of a new benefit. Whatever the case maybe, windows can be opened at any time and for the length of time needed.


    Easy access to beneficiary and dependant information

    Some benefits require beneficiary or dependant information, with Rewards Portal, employees can save and edit details for ease of future use. HR will also save time in being able to retrieve this information from one place when required by providers.

    Add More

    For information about benefits, more is more with custom pages and tables

    This great feature allows the addition of web-pages under Total Reward so more comprehensive information about benefits can be provided on the site. In addition, we recognise that some benefit information is best presented in tables, e.g. equity tables, so, you can go ahead and insert custom, personalised tables to suit your needs.


    Rewards Portal leverages security features offered by AWS and undergoes rigorous and regular penetration testing and service monitoring to ensure the platform is secure and available.

    Self-service, create & manage your own content

    Customise the site with corporate images and a custom colour palette to suit branding guidelines. In addition, HR teams have the control and flexibility to make content changes to the site quickly and easily.

    Comprehensive audit information

    The level of detail captured in the audit log will help to improve problem solving and tracking edits made by any user. The information displayed will not only give you the date and time of a change, but it will also show you the information before and after the change.

    Bespoke URL

    We know corporate identity is important so you can choose your own URL to fit with your company or benefits branding, whilst also making it easier for staff to remember.

    Group Management

    Groups are a simple yet powerful way to allow more engaging and targeted communications, this can ensure the right information, benefits or documents are accessible by those that are eligible.

    Build your own reports

    Produce benefit provider reports and custom spreadsheets for your HR needs, and present management information/analytics to stakeholders, effortlessly. The intuitive report builder will simply reduce the effort to produce regular reports.

    Management Information

    The management information provided by the site as standard will allow decision makers to see users accessing the site, from where and what they are viewing, along with other useful information.

    Single Sign On

    Securely single-sign-on (SSO) to your preferred benefit providers and discount shopping site. The process is straightforward and easy to implement. Employee SSO and integration APIs will be available soon!

    Notification centre

    Announce important information to employees using the notification centre, draw attention to the site and increase employee usage whilst sharing something employees need to know.

    Document/Links Management

    Upload and manage important documents and links to the site, make them generic or target them to a group or individual as required. Using rules and groups, personalised and/or relevant documents and links can be provided to employees.

    Employee Note keeping

    You often need a place to log a note about an employee, which could help support something in their employee record, or even to be used in their appraisal. You can be sure you have captured everything using these employee notes.


    Capture employee feedback or ask for employee input, whether company wide or to a targeted group, surveys are a great way engaging with employees and giving them a voice.

    Did you know?

    You can also provide Total Reward Statements and Calendar Management to your employees using Rewards Portal?

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