Powering Your Perks, Customising Your Culture

Total Rewards

Employee Value Propositions that attract, motivate and retain talent.

Our Total Reward Statements shine a spotlight on the full investment you make in each employee, giving them a true sense of workplace worth at a glance. Presented online, as PDFs, or in print format, our HR benefits solutions ensure your full rewards package is accessible for everyone to help you optimise your employee engagement.

Flexible & Voluntary Benefits

When it comes to workplace rewards, it’s time to put your employees in the driver's seat.

We’ll guide you on how to offer a range of employee benefits that cater to diverse lifestyles, ages, and career stages. With our Rewards Portal™, crafting personalised packages is a breeze. Seamlessly integrate existing benefit providers or explore new ones and empower your workforce with regular or ad-hoc open enrolment windows for better accessibility and control.

Calendar Management

It’s time to scrap the spreadsheets.

Catering for businesses with complex policies around annual leave, TOIL (time off in lieu) policies, or intricate shift patterns and rotas, the rich functionality of our calendar tools help businesses to address many difficult scheduling scenarios. Effortlessly book and approve time off for your entire workforce, regardless of convoluted team structures or hierarchical approvals processes. No more wasted time manually inputting dates and approvals. Our intuitive Calendar Management is designed for convenience and clarity, and even integrates with our Flex module for simpler holiday trading, meaning everyone stays in the loop, and schedules stay in sync.


Sow the seeds for staff retention.

Cultivate lasting connections with new hires from the get-go through a streamlined onboarding process. By minimising form filling and providing a warm, personalised welcome message, Rewards Portal™ makes newcomers feel like valued team members right from the start. Our comprehensive employee benefits software also allows you to share essential information effortlessly and accelerate employee integration.

Document Store

Simplify document storage and distribution.

Access, store, and share documents securely all in one centralised employee engagement hub. Retain full control over who can view specific files and bid farewell to misplaced paperwork. With Rewards Portal™, managing important documents has never been easier or more secure.

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