Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Bespoke. Unique.
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Custom Websites

Tailored to your unique needs

We understand that building your dedicated HR hub means creating a website solution that aligns with your branding and your teams’ specific needs. When your requirements demand a personalised approach, our expertise comes to the fore. We specialise in crafting custom websites that are designed to conquer the challenges unique to your business, seamlessly integrating a myriad of features and expertise to accomplish your ultimate HR objectives.

Auto Enrollment

Simplifying workplace pensions

Navigating workplace pensions has never been easier. With our auto-enrolment solution you can assess the eligibility of both new and existing employees to join your workplace pension scheme, and effortlessly send required communications to members. With our comprehensive workplace pensions solution, you can stay compliant with pension regulations while giving staff the peace of mind that comes with secure retirement planning.

Deferred Renumeration System

Unveiling the value of deferred rewards

When you reward your employees with deferred shares or cash benefits, it's crucial for them to fully grasp their present and future worth. Our deferred remuneration system gives your people the clarity and insights needed to comprehend how deferred rewards work, and how to appreciate their worth now and model their future value. Empower your workforce to understand the long-term impact of their deferred compensation, enabling them to make informed financial decisions and plan for a prosperous future.

Our services

Managed Hosting

Take the hassle out of hosting and maintenance, let Strait Logics manage the technicalities; if you have a specific requirement, talk to us and we will work with you to achieve the best outcome.

Custom Design

Have the site working exactly as you need, we can work with your design team or site map to create a site that looks the part and provides all the functionality that you need for your business.

Data Refresh

Our solutions allow you to upload new data as often as is required, or you can let us take care of the process, either way, your employees can be sure they have the latest information at hand.

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